Mongolian Agricultural irrigation project

Mongolia is a country with a well -developed animal animal husbandry. I am honored to participate in the development of Mongolia agriculture. After the project is completed, it will be greatly enriched to the tables for the people of the Mongolian people to improve the lives of Mongolian farmers and help and enhance the happiness index of the Mongolian people.

Mongolian Agricultural irrigation

Used for water supply for large translation pointer irrigation systems for vegetable planting.

  1. Project Mongolian Agricultural irrigation project
  2. Client Mongolian government
  3. Location Mongolia Winduer Khan
  4. Time 2022 to date
  5. Scope Mainly used to deliver water to large translation pointers. Supply and delivery of 20,000 meters of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pressure pipes, 5 pipe welding machines and 26 cubic meters of pipe fittings.

Sustainable and convenient water supply infrastructure is the lifeblood of any regional community. This project provides pipeline water supply for Mongolia Winduer Khan's large translation pointer irrigation system, so that farmland has obtained sufficient water supply and effectively improves the irrigation conditions of Mongolia Winduer Khan farmland. Vegetables and crops get an appropriate amount of water, the growth is good, and the output will be improved.

The Mongolian agricultural irrigation project began in 2022, providing a coverage area of up to 100,000 square meters for local farmland irrigation. The delivery of the project will enable farmers to invest more resources into their property operations instead of spending time to transport urgently needed resources on their land, which greatly improves farmers' living standards.

There are many reasons for the selection of HDPE materials and welding machines in this project pipeline, including:

  • It has proven to save installation and operating costs
  • HDPE material has a superior life life
  • Install it with hot melt machines quickly and simple
  • The HDPE tube can be used in the sun or high temperature environment for a long time, and it is not easy to aging and deteriorate.
Tsolmon Otgon
I am from Mongolia and we use JS pipe for irrigation system project. This is big irrigation project from government for investing from ADB and Japan fund for prosperous and resillent asia and the Pacific. l've got samples before order and JS pipe has meet international project requirement. So we chosen. We are very glad for pipe quality and really responsible for cooperate with Mr.Thomas sales man. He help us to all needed documents and take care on during loading and shipping process. Our first order received and we will continue to cooperate with you further. Thank you again.