HDPE pipe

Hdpe Pipe

Hdpe Pipe

HDPE pipe is a pipe made of high-density polyethylene material. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, good wear resistance and impact resistance. It is widely used in water supply, drainage, gas transportation, chemical industry, petroleum and other fields.It is a reliable, durable and economical pipe.

JS provides many types of pipes, including water supply/drainage pipes, silicon core pipes, steel mesh skeleton pipes, and dredging pipes. These different pipes can meet the needs of different pipeline systems, providing efficient and convenient solutions.


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1. Why choose us?
We are a professional and leader of HDPE pipe factory, we offer pipeline system one stop services with competitive price and fast delivery time, and we insure our quality is the second to none.
2.How to buy the product?
Contact with us by email or by Trade Manager, and inform us which product and quantity that you need, we will contact you immediately. More specify the information that you provided more faster and easier you will get the quotation.
3.How to connect HDPE pipe?
a.Hot melt connection: Use special hot melt equipment to heat and melt both ends of the pipe, and then quickly connect them together. b.Electrofusion connection: Using an electrofusion joint, the two ends of the pipe are heated and melted, and then connected together through mechanical force. c.Socket connection: A socket fitting is inserted into one end of a pipe and then held together by threads or clamps.
4.What applications are HDPE pipes suitable for?
a.Water supply: used for urban water supply, farmland irrigation, etc. b.Drainage: used in urban drainage systems, industrial wastewater treatment, etc. c.Natural gas transmission: used in natural gas transmission pipelines. d.Pipeline engineering: used for chemical pipelines, power communication pipelines, etc.
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