HDPE Dredging Pipe

HDPE Dredging Pipe is a pipe used for dredging operations in rivers, lakes, oceans and other waters. It is usually used in the conveying pipeline system in dredging projects to transport materials such as mud, sand, gravel and so on.

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  • Wear resistance
    HDPE Dredging Pipe has excellent wear resistance and can effectively resist the impact and friction of particulate matter such as mud, sand and gravel, reducing pipe wear.
  • Impact resistance
    HDPE material has high impact resistance and can withstand the impact and extrusion that may occur during dredging operations.
  • Long service life
    HDPE material has a long service life and can be used in harsh environments for a long time without being easily aged or damaged.
  • High corrosion resistance
    HDPE materials have good corrosion resistance to seawater, fresh water, acid and alkali and other media, and can resist the erosion of salt water, chemicals and other corrosive substances, extending the service life in humid and corrosive environments.
  • High pressure capability
    HDPE Dredging Pipe can withstand high pressure and is suitable for high-pressure transportation in large-scale dredging operations.
  • UV resistance
    HDPE Dredging Pipe has good UV resistance, can resist direct sunlight and long-term exposure to the outdoor environment, and is not easy to age and deform.

Application Scope

  • Mud transport
  • River dredging project
  • Ocean and lake areas
  • Sediment treatment


How to maintain HDPE Dredging Pipe?

The maintenance of HDPE Dredging Pipe is relatively simple. Usually, it is only necessary to regularly check the appearance and connections of the pipes to avoid external impact and damage, and to maintain smooth flow inside the pipes.

What are the sizes and pressure levels of HDPE Dredging Pipe?

The size and pressure level of HDPE Dredging Pipe can be customized according to specific needs. Common sizes range from DN100 to DN1200, and the pressure levels are usually PN6、PN8、PN10, PN12.5 and PN16.

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