Geomembrane, also known as mulch film and anti-seepage membrane, is a thin film material used for anti-seepage, waterproofing and environmental protection. It has good anti-seepage performance, chemical resistance and aging resistance. It is widely used in anti-seepage, protection, separation and enhancement in soil engineering and civil engineering. It protects groundwater resources and the soil environment by preventing leakage and infiltration of water, liquids and gases.

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1.How to choose the appropriate geomembrane thickness?
The first thing to consider is soil conditions. Different types of soil may require different thicknesses of geomembrane to suit their characteristics and requirements. Secondly, we must also look at the construction and use requirements. According to the specific construction and use requirements, determine the required thickness and performance of the geomembrane. You can consult us directly, and we will provide you with the best solution based on budget and feasibility considerations, balancing quality and performance.
2.What is the service life of geomembrane?
The service life of geomembrane depends on many factors, including the quality of materials, construction and use conditions, environmental factors, etc. Under normal circumstances, the service life of geomembrane can reach 10 to more than 30 years. Proper use and maintenance can extend the life of the geomembrane.
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