Geomembrane, also known as geotextile or anti-seepage membrane, is a thin film made of polymer materials used for anti-seepage, anti-penetration, anti-corrosion and isolation functions in civil engineering and environmental protection. It can prevent the penetration and damage of water, soil, chemicals and other external factors, protecting the stability and durability of engineering structures.

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  • High impermeability
    Geomembrane has excellent anti-seepage capabilities and can effectively prevent the penetration of water, soil and chemicals, protecting groundwater resources and the environment.
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
    The geomembrane has good chemical corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of acids, alkalis, salts and chemical substances. This makes it widely used in environments such as chemical plants and landfills.
  • Excellent physical properties
    Geomembrane has excellent physical properties such as high strength, high tensile strength, high puncture resistance and low creep. This allows it to withstand soil pressure, mechanical loads and external forces.
  • High durability
    Geomembrane has excellent durability and anti-aging properties, and can maintain its function and performance for a long time, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.
  • Convenient construction
    The installation and construction of geomembrane are relatively simple and can be carried out by welding, bonding, fixing, etc. This saves construction time and labor costs.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Compared with traditional civil engineering protective materials, geomembranes have lower costs. Its durability and functional performance reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Application Scope

  • Dam construction project
  • Tunnel construction
  • Landfill
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Protect soil resources


How to choose a suitable geomembrane?

The selection and use of geomembrane should be determined based on specific engineering needs and environmental conditions to ensure that it can effectively perform its anti-seepage and isolation functions.

What is the anti-leakage effect of geomembrane in environmental engineering?

Geomembrane has excellent anti-leakage effect in environmental engineering. Its main function is to prevent the penetration of water, soil and chemical substances, thereby protecting the safety of groundwater resources and the environment. It can mainly prevent waste leakage, sewage leakage, chemical substance leakage and oil leakage. This makes geomembranes an indispensable and important material in environmental engineering.

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