Indonesia Coal Mine Drainage Project

Design a suitable pipeline system for the drainage projects of coal mines to provide effective drainage, connection, water diversion and dehydration, and improve the efficiency and stability of the coal mines.


Ensure the normal operation of the mine, reduce pollution to the environment, and improve production efficiency.

  1. Project Indonesia Coal Mine Drainage Project
  2. Location Indonesia
  3. Time 2021
  4. Scope Mainly used for the transportation and delivery of wastewater and mud in the mining area, supply and delivery of 15,000 meters of high -density polyethylene (HDPE) pressure pipeline.

The wastewater generated by the coal mines contains a large amount of suspended solids, heavy metals, and pollutants. If it is not treated and discharged, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment. Through a reasonable laying of mine pipelines, the project will provide effective discharge for wastewater and mud in the Indonesian coal mine work area to ensure the safe operation of the mine and reduce environmental pollution in the mining area.

The construction of the project began in 2021. The construction of the pipeline system is conducive to the ventilation of the mine, providing a good working environment for local miners in Indonesia, and improving their work efficiency and comfort. The project was completed in 2022. For a long time, it has played a role in protecting the environment, management of groundwater, promoting ventilation, maintaining the safety of mines, and recycling of water resources.

There are many reasons for the selection of HDPE materials for the pipeline of the project, including:

  • Corrosion resistance
    Coal mines often contain corrosive substances such as sulfate and chloride. HDPE materials can effectively resist and extend the service life of the pipeline.
  • Abrasion resistance
    Coal mines often contain particles such as cog slag and stone. The abrasion resistance of HDPE materials can reduce wear and keep the pipeline unobstructed.
  • Light and efficient
    In the coal mine drainage project, pipeline laying is often required in the underground or narrow space. The use of light HDPE pipelines can reduce the difficulty of construction and work intensity.
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