Maldives Maritime Dredging Project

Dredging the Maldives Marine Waterway, maintaining the smooth flow of Maldives and improving the efficiency of ports, it is of great significance for the economic development and use of marine resources.


Realize the efficient and reliable maritime dredging operations to ensure the smoothness of the channel and the protection of the marine environment.

  1. Project Maldives Maritime Dredging Project
  2. Location Maldives
  3. Time 2022
  4. Scope Mainly used for offshore dredging and desilting, supply and delivery of 8000 meters of HDPE dredging pipes.

Mariners are rich in marine resources, but due to the limitation of geographical conditions and marine environments, maritime dredging is essential for maintaining smooth channels and protecting the marine ecological environment. In order to solve these problems, the Maldives launched the maritime dredging project locally. JS provides it with project planning and pipeline products to achieve optimization.

The Maldives' offshore dredging project was launched in 2022. So far, it has become an efficient and reliable dredging system. The effective implementation of the project ensures the safe traffic of the ship, and also promotes the trade and transportation of the Maldives, which plays an important role in the economic development of the Maldives to a certain extent.

Maldives Maritime Dredging

There are many reasons for the choice of high -density polyethylene (HDPE) pressure pipelines, including:

  • High pressure can be afforded, suitable for high -pressure transportation in large dredging operations.
  • Long service life can be used for a long time in harsh environments, and it is not easy to aging or damaged.
  • Has a high impact resistance and can withstand the impact and squeeze during dredging operations.
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