Geotextile is a textile material used in the civil engineering and environmental engineering fields, usually made of synthetic fibers. It has functions such as water permeability, filtration, separation, reinforcement and protection, and can be used in conjunction with geomembranes to enhance the mechanical strength and tensile properties of geomembranes.

Geotextiles mainly play the role of filtration, isolation and reinforcement in civil engineering. Mainly used to prevent soil erosion and protect vegetation; used in river banklines, slopes, dams and other places to prevent soil from being washed away by water flow; used to isolate soil or materials of different properties to prevent them from mixing or contaminating each other.

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  • High strength
    Geotextiles are made of high-strength synthetic fiber materials with high tensile strength and tear resistance. This allows it to withstand larger loads and improve the stability of the soil.
  • Good screening performance
    The screening performance of geotextiles can be adjusted as needed, and different fabric structures and pore sizes can be selected to control the passage of soil particles. This helps maintain soil stability and prevents particle loss.
  • Chemical resistance
    Geotextiles generally have good chemical resistance and can resist the erosion of acids, alkalis, salts and chemicals. This makes it widely used in environments such as chemical plants and landfills.
  • Water permeability
    Geotextile has good water permeability, allowing water to pass quickly, preventing moisture accumulation in the soil and causing osmotic pressure. This helps maintain soil stability and prevents liquid buildup.
  • Durability and anti-aging properties
    Geotextiles have good durability and anti-aging properties and can maintain their functions and performance for a long time. It can withstand changes in the natural environment and the impact of long-term use, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Application Scope

  • Environmental protection engineering
  • Water conservancy project
  • Land consolidation field
  • Road and rail sector
  • Mining field


What factors need to be considered when choosing geotextiles?

When choosing a geotextile, you need to consider the strength level of the required geotextile, choose the appropriate pore size and screening performance, have good water permeability and chemical corrosion resistance, select the geotextile type and fixation method according to the construction conditions and methods, Evaluate and select based on economics and sustainability.

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