Butt Fusion Welding Machine

Butt Fusion Welding Machine is a special equipment used for hot melt butt welding of pipelines. Mainly used for the installation and connection of piping systems.

Usually consists of heating plate, cutting tool, hydraulic device and frame. The heating plate can be heated to enough temperature to melt the pipe wall at the end of the pipe. The control system can control the temperature of the heating plate and the welding time to ensure proper melting and welding quality. Clamps are used to align the ends of pipes that need to be connected and apply appropriate pressure to maintain the stability of the connection. The milling cutter can mill the surface of the pipe to make it flat for easy welding.

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  • Persistent connection
    Through hot-melt butt welding, durable pipe connections can be achieved, which have good compressive and tensile strength and can operate stably for a long time under various environmental conditions.
  • Adapt to various engineering environments
    HDPE Butt Fusion Welding Machine can be used in various engineering environments such as indoors and outdoors, underground and on the ground, and adapts to different construction conditions.
  • Efficient and fast
    The hot-melt butt welding machine has fast heating and cooling speeds, making the welding process fast and efficient and improving work efficiency.
  • Simple and easy to use
    The operation is simple. You only need to align the pipes with the fixture, heat them to the appropriate temperature and then connect them. The operation process is relatively simple and easy to get started.
  • High welding quality
    Through hot-melt butt welding, uniform and strong welding joints can be obtained with high welding quality.
  • Strong reliability
    Hot melt butt welding can form seamless connections without leakage hazards, improving the reliability of the pipeline system.
  • Wide range
    The welding range of this machine is 50-1600mm.Suitable for HDPE pipes of various specifications, including pipes of different diameters and wall thicknesses.

Purpose And Features

  • Using explosion-proof industrial sockets, the operation is safer. The 4cm all-aluminum sandwich tile is used, which is more stable and durable.
  • Independent temperature control system, more stable temperature control, Daikin Teflon coating non-stick tube.
  • Using high-power motor, cutting and milling are more stable.
  • The independent timer is portable and disassembled to record the time period of heat absorption and cooling, making it more convenient to use.
  • It adopts a high-precision shock-proof pressure gauge, which is resistant to low temperatures and provides more accurate pressure readings.


JS800/JS1000/JS1200 JS630
Welding Range(mm)630,710,800800.900.10001000,  1200
Heater Power11.8KW/380V18KW/380V22.5KW/380V
Miling Cutter Power2.2kw/380v2.2KW/380V3KW/380V
Hydraulie Power1.8kw/380v2.2KW/380V2.2KW/380v
Net Weight1039kg1696kg3265kg
Gross Weight1210kg1920kg3635kg
Package Slze(cm)210*139*144 128*90*178  800*63*59180*174*235  210*145*104  80*59*50230*205*234   125*135*238   66*55*120
Size(cm)Weight(kg)Main Body      175*130*138cm  666kg200*160*160cm    1120kg245*186*185cm      1940kg
Heater         98*9*104cm     61kg122*10*135cm       84kg135*11*165cm        133kg
Mling Cutter   97*36*150cm   202kg110*34*170cm      320kg142*34*197cm        900kg
Support        81*67*90cm     48kg117*76*99cm       110kg114*107*135cm       190kg
Hydraulic      74*50*45cm     52kg74*50*45cm         52kg74*50*45cm           52kg


How to use?

When using the HDPE hot melt butt welding machine for welding, first align the ends of the HDPE pipes that need to be connected with the clamps, and place the heating plate on the ends of the pipes. A heating plate then heats the end of the pipe, causing it to melt. Once the proper melting state is achieved, the heating plate is removed and the two pipe ends are quickly joined together and appropriate pressure is applied, allowing them to cool and form a durable welded joint.

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