Electro Fusion Welding Machine

The electric fusion welding machine is a special equipment used for electric fusion welding of pipelines. Compared with the hot fusion welding machine, it uses electric hot fusion technology, which uses electric current to heat the electric fusion connector to connect the pipes together.

It usually consists of an electrical control box, heating pad and connectors. The electric control box is used to control welding parameters such as heating time and temperature. A heating pad is a rubber pad with a heating coil that is used to heat the connector. A connector is a specially designed pipe connection component with metal coils and electrodes required for electrofusion welding.

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  • High precision welding
    HDPE Electro Fusion Welding Machine can achieve high-precision welding by precisely controlling heating time and temperature, ensuring the quality and reliability of welded joints.
  • Fast and efficient
    Compared with traditional manual welding methods, HDPE Electro Fusion Welding Machine has faster welding speed and higher efficiency. It can complete the connection of pipelines in a shorter time and improve work efficiency.
  • Good sealing
    The welded joints produced by electrofusion welding have good sealing properties and can effectively prevent leakage and ensure the safety and reliability of the pipeline system.
  • Corrosion resistance
    HDPE pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. HDPE Electro Fusion Welding Machine can ensure the corrosion resistance of welded joints and is suitable for various chemical environments.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
    There is no need to use any chemicals or adhesives during the welding process, making the welding process environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The HDPE pipe itself is a recyclable material and meets the requirements of sustainable development.

Application Scope

  • Water supply pipe
  • Drainage pipe
  • Chemical industry
  • Gas delivery system
  • Mining pipeline


Welding Range(mm)20-20020-315
Input VoltageAC220V±20% 50-60Hz single-phaseAC220V±20% 50-60Hz single-phase
Input Power2.5KW3.5KW
Output VoltageAC10-55VAC10-65V
Output Current50A60A
Enviroment-15-45℃ relative humidity 80%-15-45℃ relative humidity 80%
Protection LevelIP54IP54
Load Coeficient60%60%
Package Size(cm)41*29*3341*29*33


How to use electrofusion welding?

First insert the end of the HDPE pipe to be connected into the connector, making sure to insert it to the correct depth. Then, place the heating pad on the connector and provide current through the electrical control box to heat the heating pad and connector. During the heating process, the metal coil inside the connector heats up enough to melt the HDPE pipe end. Once the proper molten state is reached, disconnect the power and allow the connector and tubing to cool and form a durable welded joint.

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