Multi Angle Sawm

Multi Angle Sawm is a tool that combines hot melt technology with multi-angle cutting capabilities. This kind of cutting saw is usually used for cutting plastic pipes, plastic sheets and other plastic products.

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  • Multi-angle cutting
    Multi Angle Sawm has an adjustable cutting angle function that allows for cutting at right angles, bevel angles and other non-standard angles. It can meet the cutting requirements of different projects and needs.
  • High precision cutting
    Multi Angle Sawm has high-precision cutting capabilities, enabling flat, accurate and vertical cuts to ensure the quality of the cutting surface.
  • Safety
    Multi Angle Sawm is usually equipped with safety devices such as protective covers, temperature controls and cutting brakes to ensure operator safety.
  • Fast and efficient
    Due to the use of hot melt cutting technology, Multi Angle Sawm has fast and efficient cutting speed, improving work efficiency.
  • Reduce material waste
    Multi Angle Sawm uses hot melt cutting technology to reduce material loss and waste and improve resource utilization efficiency.

Application Scope

  • Plastic processing industry
  • Pipe installation field
  • Decoration field
  • Construction engineering field


What is the cutting angle range of Multi Angle Sawm?

Multi Angle Sawm usually has an adjustable cutting angle function, which can make cuts at right angles, bevel angles and other non-standard angles. The specific angle range depends on different cutting saw models and designs.

Does Multi Angle Sawm require maintenance?

Yes, Multi Angle Sawm requires regular maintenance, including cleaning knives, lubricating mechanical parts, checking power cords and plugs, etc., to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.

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