HDPE Male Tee

HDPE Male Tee is a kind of pipe fitting, mainly used in scenarios where three-way shunting or merging is required in HDPE pipe systems. Its connection port has external threads and is used to connect with corresponding pipes or other pipe fittings so that they can merge or diverge at one point.

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  • Multi-connection port
    HDPE Male Tee has three connection ports, which can connect three pipes or other pipe fittings to achieve the division or merging of fluids or gases. This design makes it play a key connection role in the pipeline system.
  • Threaded connection
    The connection port of HDPE Male Tee adopts a threaded design. The threaded connection provides a strong connection and can be tightened on the matching pipe or pipe fitting by rotating it.
  • Simplify ductwork
    Using HDPE Male Tee can reduce the complexity of piping systems. They can connect multiple branch pipes at a single point, reducing the number of connection points and pipes and simplifying the design and installation of piping systems.
  • Improve efficiency
    HDPE Male Tee can realize the division or merging of fluids or gases, making the flow of the pipeline system smoother and more efficient. They can make duct systems work more efficiently and reduce energy losses.
  • Space saving
    HDPE Male Tee has a compact design and takes up less space, making it suitable for limited pipe layouts. It can connect multiple pipes at one point, reduce the length and floor space of the pipes, and save space.

Application Scope

  • Heating duct system
  • Water supply piping system
  • Petrochemical field
  • Construction engineering field
  • Industrial field


Is HDPE Male Tee safe and reliable to use?

The manufacturing and use of HDPE Male Tee usually follows international or industry standards, such as the International Standards Organization (ISO), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), etc. These standards specify the size, material requirements and performance requirements of HDPE Male Tee to ensure its safety and reliability during use.

What is the pressure resistance of HDPE Male Tee?

The pressure resistance of HDPE Male Tee depends on its material and design. If an inappropriate HDPE Male Tee is used in a high-pressure environment, it may cause cracks or leaks. When selecting an HDPE Male Tee, make sure it can withstand the required pressure range.

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