HDPE Female Tee

The structure of HDPE Female Tee usually includes a main body and three connecting ports. The diameter and thread specifications of the connecting ports can be customized according to needs. Common HDPE Female Tee types include equal-diameter HDPE Female Tee and different-diameter HDPE Female Tee. Depending on the diameter of the connection port, you can choose the appropriate type.

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  • Save space
    HDPE Female Tee has a relatively compact structure and can achieve branch connections in a limited space. This is a great advantage for piping systems or equipment layouts with limited space, which can reduce the piping footprint and layout complexity.
  • Good pressure resistance
    HDPE Female Tee is usually made of high-quality materials and has high pressure resistance. It can withstand a certain pressure and temperature and keep the connection firm and sealed to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline system.
  • Economical and practical
    Compared with some other pipe connectors, HDPE Female Tee is relatively low-priced and more economical and practical. It meets the needs of general piping systems, providing reliable connections and fluid transfer capabilities while reducing costs.

Application Scope

  • Industrial field
  • Construction engineering field
  • Ship
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil pipeline
  • Natural gas pipeline
  • Water treatment system


How to choose the size of HDPE Female Tee?

The size of HDPE Female Tee is usually determined by the diameter and thread specifications of the connection port. When selecting a size, consider factors such as flow, pressure and temperature in the piping system and match the size of other fittings and equipment.

What is the connection method of HDPE Female Tee?

HDPE Female Tee adopts an internal thread connection method. Through the rotation and tightening of the thread, the connection is firm and sealed. Threaded connections can use auxiliary materials such as thread sealants or gaskets to enhance sealing performance.

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