HDPE Male Elbow

HDPE Male Elbow is a pipe connection accessory used to connect two pipes in HDPE pipe systems, allowing the pipes to change direction at corners and adapt to different layouts and space requirements. It has a threaded outer connection end and a socket-connected inner connection end that is bent at 90 degrees.

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  • High space utilization
    HDPE Male Elbow can change the direction of pipes to adapt them to different layouts and space requirements. This allows for better utilization of space in the duct system and improves the efficiency of the overall layout.
  • Various specifications and sizes
    HDPE Male Elbow is available in a variety of specifications and size options based on different pipe diameters and wall thicknesses. This makes them suitable for different types and sizes of piping systems, with a wider range of applications.
  • Good sealing performance
    HDPE Male Elbow adopts threaded connection, which can provide reliable sealing performance and prevent liquid or gas leakage. The combination of sealing gasket and fastening thread ensures the sealing performance of the connection point.
  • Good corrosion resistance
    It is made of PE materials, which have good corrosion resistance. This enables HDPE Male Elbow to be used for long periods of time in harsh working environments, extending its service life.

Application Scope

  • Construction and Municipal Engineering
  • Industrial and Chemical Engineering
  • Irrigation piping system
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sewage treatment system


What are the common types of HDPE Male Elbow?

HDPE Male Elbow can be divided into different types according to different angles, such as 90-degree elbow, 45-degree elbow, etc. Elbows at different angles are available for different pipe layouts and needs.

What are the maintenance methods for HDPE Male Elbow?

Maintenance of HDPE Male Elbow mainly includes regularly checking whether the fastening threads are loose and whether there are leaks or other abnormalities. If necessary, gaskets can be replaced or other repairs performed.

How to install?

When installing HDPE Male Elbow, you need to use appropriate tools and techniques to ensure that the elbow is tightly connected to the pipe and prevents leakage. Be careful when tightening the threads to avoid being too tight or too loose.

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