PIPE Tools

PIPE Tools refer to various tools and equipment used to install, repair and process pipes. They are usually designed and manufactured according to different pipe types, diameters and materials.

Common piping tools include PIPE Cutter, Corrugated PIPE Installer, and PIPE Scraper.

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PIPE Cutter

PIPE Cutter is a tool or equipment specially used for cutting pipes. It usually consists of a cutting tool, a cutting mechanism and an operation control system. Cutting tools can be selected according to different pipe materials and diameters to ensure cutting quality and efficiency.
PIPE Cutter is widely used in pipe installation, repair and processing, and can be used in the construction, engineering, manufacturing and piping industries. When using PIPE Cutter, operators should comply with relevant safety regulations and operating guidelines, use tools correctly, and ensure safe operation and cutting quality.

Corrugated PIPE Installer

A Corrugated PIPE Installer is a tool used to tighten or adjust corrugated pipe connections. It usually consists of two adjustable clamps, each with a screw rod. The clamp adjusts the clamping force through the rotation of the screw rod to clamp the two ends of the bellows connection together. Corrugated PIPE Installer can adjust the clamping force as needed to ensure the stability and sealing of the connection.
The use of Corrugated PIPE Installer can help operators quickly and accurately complete the connection of corrugated pipes to avoid problems such as loosening or water leakage. It is usually used to install and repair equipment or pipe systems that require the use of corrugated pipes, such as automobile exhaust systems, gas pipes, air conditioning pipes, etc.

PIPE Scraper

PIPE Scraper plays an important role in pipe work, especially before pipes are joined, welded or cleaned. The use of PIPE Scraper can help remove stains and impurities on the surface of pipes to ensure that the connection parts are flat and clean, thereby improving the firmness and sealing of the connection.
It can be used to remove surface contaminants from new pipes, maintain and repair old pipes, pipe welding and scraping, repair leaking pipes and scrape preparations before coating the pipe surface with anti-corrosion coating. Regular pipe cleaning with the PIPE Scraper can extend the life of your pipes and reduce repair and replacement costs.


How to use PIPE Cutter?

When using the PIPE Cutter, first determine the size of the pipe you want to cut. Then, adjust the PIPE Cutter's cutting blade to the appropriate position and place it on the pipe. Cut the pipe by gradually applying pressure by turning the PIPE Cutter's handle until the cut is complete.

How to use Corrugated PIPE Installer?

When using the Corrugated PIPE Installer, first insert the end of the corrugated pipe into the clamping device. The clamping device then securely holds the pipe in the desired position through mechanical operation on the handle or the principle of a lever. After that, you can continue with the connection, installation or other necessary operations of the pipes.

How to use PIPE Scraper?

When using the PIPE Scraper, first insert the scraper head into the opening of the pipe. Then, by operating on the handle or rotating the scraper head, apply moderate pressure and scrape the scraper head back and forth along the pipe surface to remove dirt and unwanted material. During the scraping process, maintain a steady and even force and ensure that the scraper head covers the entire pipe surface.

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