HDPE Socket Reducing Tee

HDPE Reducing Tee is a pipe connecting fitting used to connect three HDPE pipes of different diameters, where two pipes have equal diameters and the third pipe has a smaller diameter (i.e. a reduced diameter). The design of HDPE Reducing Tee enables the diameter transition of pipes to facilitate the connection of pipe systems of different diameters. It is usually used in scenarios where fluid needs to be guided from one pipe to another pipe with a smaller diameter, such as branch pipes, branch pipes, etc.

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  • Good insulation properties
    HDPE material is a good insulating material with low electrical conductivity. HDPE Reducing Tee can prevent the conduction of current, reduce the risk of electrolysis and corrosion, and is suitable for applications requiring electrical insulation.
  • Flexibility and impact resistance
    HDPE Reducing Tee has high elasticity and impact resistance. Even in low temperature environments, it still maintains good flexibility and is not easy to break or deform. This makes it suitable for use in colder regions or in applications that face shock and vibration.
  • Can be freely disassembled and replaced
    The socket connection method allows HDPE Reducing Tee to be freely disassembled and replaced, making it easy to maintain and modify the piping system. This is an advantage over welded connections, especially for pipe systems that require frequent replacement or adjustment.

Application Scope

  • Drainage system
  • Chemical pipeline
  • Mining field
  • Agricultural irrigation field
  • Metallurgical pipeline field


What are its fluid properties?

HDPE Reducing Tee has a smooth inner wall, which reduces the frictional resistance and pressure loss of the fluid. It also has excellent fluid transfer properties, providing good flow and fluid distribution.

Are there a wide range of applications?

HDPE Reducing Tee is widely used in municipal engineering, construction engineering, chemical engineering, environmental protection engineering, farmland irrigation and other fields. It is suitable for various media, such as water, chemicals, oil, gas, etc., to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

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