Socket Coupler

Coupler is a connecting device used to connect the ends of two HDPE pipes. It has two open ports into which the ends of two pipes can be inserted and then secured together by threading, welding, or other methods. Coupler can be used to connect the same type of pipes, or it can be used to connect different types of pipes, making it possible to achieve tight connections and transfer liquids, gases or other fluids.

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  • Corrosion resistance
    Coupler is made of high-density polyethylene material, which has excellent corrosion resistance, can resist the erosion of many chemical substances, and is suitable for various environmental conditions.
  • Good heat resistance
    Coupler can work at relatively high temperatures, has good heat resistance, and is suitable for some high temperature environments.
  • Low maintenance cost
    Coupler does not require frequent maintenance, and the durability and stability of its materials can reduce the maintenance costs of the piping system.
  • Various specifications and sizes
    Coupler is available in a variety of specifications and sizes to suit the needs of different pipelines, and the appropriate size can be selected according to specific applications.
  • Reliability
    Coupler has undergone strict quality inspection and testing to ensure its quality and reliability and reduce the risk of failure and leakage of the pipeline system.
  • Good sealing
    Coupler adopts a sealing design to ensure the sealing of pipe connections and prevent leakage.
  • High strength
    Coupler has high strength and rigidity and can withstand certain pressure and tension, ensuring the reliability and durability of pipeline connections.
  • Wear resistance
    Coupler has good wear resistance and can resist particles and friction in the fluid, extending the service life of the pipeline.

Application Scope

  • Water treatment field
  • Mining field
  • Agricultural irrigation field
  • Industrial field
  • Construction engineering field


What is the lifespan of Coupler?

Coupler has good durability and anti-aging ability and can generally be used for more than 10 years. Service life is also affected by how well the duct system is used and maintained.

Is there any risk of Coupler leaking?

Coupler adopts a sealing design to ensure the sealing of pipe connections and reduce the risk of leakage. Proper installation and maintenance are critical to ensuring a tight seal.

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