HDPE Socket Equal Tee

HDPE Equal Tee in socket pipe fittings is a pipe connector used to connect three equal diameter pipes together to form a T-shaped structure. It is a tee joint with each branch pipe having the same diameter, allowing fluid to flow in different directions.

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  • Wear resistance
    HDPE Equal Tee has good wear resistance and can resist particles and abrasion in the fluid, extending the service life of the pipeline system.
  • Good pressure resistance
    HDPE Equal Tee has excellent pressure resistance and can withstand certain internal and external pressures to maintain stable operation of the pipeline system.
  • Economical and practical
    Compared with pipe fittings of other materials, HDPE Equal Tee has a lower cost, and the installation and maintenance costs are also lower. Its long life and durability can also reduce the operating costs of duct systems.
  • Adaptable
    HDPE Equal Tee is suitable for a variety of pipeline systems and application scenarios, including water supply pipelines, drainage pipelines, chemical pipelines, natural gas pipelines, industrial pipelines, etc.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    HDPE Equal Tee is a non-toxic pipe fitting that does not release harmful substances and will not cause pollution to water quality and the environment. It is widely used in drinking water systems and food processing industries.

Application Scope

  • Cooling water system
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Water supply piping system
  • Industrial piping system
  • Mine piping system


What is the difference between HDPE Equal Tee for socket connection and hot melt connection?

HDPE Equal Tee in socket fittings is suitable for general piping systems and is suitable for smaller diameter pipes and low pressure applications. The hot-melt HDPE Equal Tee is suitable for more types and specifications of pipe systems, including larger diameter pipes and high-pressure applications.

Can the size be customized?

Of course, HDPE Equal Tee has good plasticity and can be adjusted in shape and size as needed. This makes it suitable for a variety of piping layouts and designs.

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