HDPE E/F Reducing Tee

HDPE Reducing Tee is an electrofusion fitting used to connect PE piping systems of different sizes, shaped like the letter “T”. It has one main inlet and two outlets of different sizes for branching and merging ductwork.

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  • Branches and merges of different sizes
    The HDPE Reducing Tee has one main inlet and two outlets of varying sizes and can be used in branching and merging ductwork. It can branch a large pipe into two pipes of different sizes, or merge two pipes of different sizes into one.
  • Wear resistance
    HDPE Reducing Tee has excellent wear resistance and is resistant to solid particles and abrasion that may be present in piping systems. This makes it excellent in applications involving high-speed fluid or particulate matter transfer.
  • Impact resistance
    PE material has high impact resistance, and HDPE Reducing Tee can withstand certain impacts and extrusions during transportation and installation, reducing damage caused by external forces.
  • Reliable connection
    HDPE Reducing Tee uses electrofusion connection, which has reliable connection performance and can provide long-term and stable pipe connection. The robustness of electrofusion connections allows piping systems to withstand the effects of pressure, temperature and other external forces.

Application Scope

  • Industrial piping system
  • Mining and Mining Industry
  • Agricultural irrigation system
  • Thermal system
  • Drainage pipe
  • Water treatment project


Is HDPE Reducing Tee compatible with fittings made of other materials?

HDPE Reducing Tee is mainly used in PE pipe systems, so it is best to use it with PE pipes and other PE pipe fittings to ensure the best compatibility and connection quality. If you need to connect to pipes of other materials, you may need to use transition fittings or other connection methods.

Do you provide customization and after-sales service?

Yes, we provide customization and after-sales service. If you choose us, we will provide the most suitable products and the best after-sales service according to your engineering needs to ensure that your project goes smoothly.

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