HDPE E/F 90°Elbow

HDPE 90°Elbow is a pipe fitting used to change the direction of the pipe so that it turns at a 90 degree angle. It has two interfaces, each with the same pipe diameter, and can be used to transport liquids, gases and other fluid media.

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  • Pressure resistance
    HDPE 90°Elbow has a certain pressure resistance and can withstand the pressure in the pipeline system. This makes them suitable for piping systems that need to work in high-pressure environments, such as industrial and municipal projects.
  • Wide range of size options
    HDPE 90°Elbows are usually available in a variety of sizes to suit different piping system requirements. Whether it's a small household ductwork system or a large industrial ductwork system, you can find the right size.
  • UV resistance
    Some HDPE 90°Elbows are ultraviolet (UV) resistant, allowing them to be used in outdoor environments for extended periods of time without being affected by UV radiation. This makes them suitable for pipe systems that need to work in direct sunlight.
  • Adjustable angle
    Some types of HDPE 90°Elbow designs have adjustable angle functions that can be adjusted according to actual needs. This provides greater flexibility and adaptability, making ductwork systems easier to design and install.

Application Scope

  • Water supply system
  • Drainage system
  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Industrial piping
  • Mining and Mining Industry
  • Agricultural irrigation system
  • Thermal system


What is the service life of HDPE 90°Elbow?

HDPE 90°Elbows generally have a long service life and can continue to operate for many years. Its durability and corrosion resistance allow it to be used in a variety of environmental conditions and reduce the need for maintenance and replacement.

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