HDPE E/F 45°Elbow

HDPE45° Elbow is an electrofusion 45-degree elbow pipe fitting used to connect two PE pipes to form a 45-degree turn. It can change the direction of the pipeline, causing the fluid or gas to turn along a 45-degree angle in the pipeline system.

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  • Adaptable
    HDPE45° Elbow is suitable for different piping systems and applications. They can meet the needs of different pipe diameters, different wall thicknesses and different working conditions, and have greater adaptability.
  • Change pipe direction
    It can change the direction of the pipe from a straight line to a 45-degree angle. This is useful for situations where you need to make turns in your ductwork. Can help pipes maneuver around obstacles or adapt to specific layout requirements.
  • Pipeline layout and optimization
    By using HDPE45° Elbow, the layout of the piping system can be optimized. It can help designers realize the layout and connection of pipelines in limited space to meet specific engineering requirements.
  • Fluid flow control
    The installation position and angle of HDPE45° Elbow can affect the flow speed and direction of the fluid. It can be used to control the flow rate and direction of fluids to meet the needs of specific projects.
  • Fluid distribution
    HDPE45° Elbow can be used to distribute fluids or gases to different pipe branches. It can guide fluid from a main pipeline to multiple branch pipelines to achieve distribution and supply of fluid.

Application Scope

  • Environmental engineering field
  • Chemical industry
  • Mining and energy industry
  • Water supply system


What factors need to be considered when choosing an installation location?

The installation location of HDPE45° Elbow should be determined according to the design specifications and requirements of the piping system. Factors to consider include expected changes in pipe direction, smooth flow of fluids, proper support and securing of the pipe, and accessibility for maintenance and repair.

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