What is a Geomembrane?

Geomembrane, commonly known as geomembrane liners, is a sheet-like material made of impermeable geosynthetic materials. It is used in soil and water engineering projects. Geomembranes come in various types, such as HDPE geomembranes, LLDPE geomembranes, RPP geomembranes, and PVC geomembranes. They all possess functions of impermeability and preventing the spread of pollutants.

Applications of Geomembranes

Due to its wide-ranging utility, geomembranes have become an essential component in the construction processes of several key industries, meeting engineering requirements and protecting the environment.

Agricultural Engineering

Geomembranes find applications in the agricultural sector, including as liners for channels and irrigation systems, for preventing seepage in water reservoirs and ponds, and for soil moisture retention, protecting farmland from water evaporation and chemical infiltration.

Water Resources Management

With increasing water scarcity, geomembranes have found applications in water resources management. They can be used as liners for reservoirs, artificial lakes, and ponds, reducing water loss and contamination of groundwater.


Groundwater is an important source of drinking water and ecosystems. Geomembranes, as impermeable liners, are installed at the bottom of landfills to prevent liquid leakage from waste into the groundwater. They effectively isolate waste from the soil, preventing soil contamination and erosion. This helps protect soil quality, maintain environmental stability, and reduce adverse impacts on the surrounding environment.

Mining Industry

Geomembranes have been increasingly used in the mining industry since the 1970s. They are employed as liner solutions for evaporation ponds, heap leach pads, and tailings ponds, protecting the environment from hazardous chemical substances. Liner systems, typically utilizing HDPE geomembranes, play a critical role in the design and construction of heap leach facilities.

Furthermore, geomembranes are widely used in the remediation of mining sites after the end of their operational life. As part of mine site restoration, they are used to seal mines and prevent waste from polluting the surrounding environment. Overall, geomembrane liners are a safe and effective solution for protecting the environment from the pollution caused by industrial activities.


With advancing technology and increasing demand for sustainable development, geomembranes may find further applications in emerging industries and fields.

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