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HDPE Reducer is an electrofusion pipe fitting used to connect two PE pipe systems of different sizes to reduce or expand the pipe diameter. It usually has a larger inlet and a smaller outlet and is shaped like a cone or tapered funnel.

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  • Reduce or enlarge pipe diameter
    The HDPE Reducer has a larger inlet and a smaller outlet and can be used to reduce or enlarge the diameter of a piping system. It can shrink a large pipe to a smaller pipe, or expand a small pipe to a larger pipe.
  • Corrosion resistance
    HDPE Reducer is made of PE material and has good corrosion resistance. It can resist the erosion of chemicals, acids, alkalis, salt water and other corrosive media, maintaining the stability and durability of the pipeline system.
  • Less affected by climate
    HDPE Reducer has good weather resistance and can be used in indoor and outdoor environments for a long time without being damaged by ultraviolet rays, oxidation, corrosion and other factors.
  • Recyclability
    PE material is recyclable, so HDPE Reducer can be reused after its service life, reducing its impact on the environment.

Application Scope

  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Industrial piping
  • Mining and Mining Industry
  • Construction sector
  • Agricultural irrigation field


What fields is HDPE Reducer suitable for?

HDPE Reducer is widely used in construction engineering, water treatment, chemical industry, agricultural irrigation and other fields. They can be used to reduce or enlarge the diameter of piping systems to meet the needs of different applications.

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