Drip Tape

Drip Tape is an irrigation system for farmland irrigation. It consists of a flexible tube with a patch drip hole. These drip holes are evenly distributed on both sides of the drip irrigation belt and can be adjusted as needed to achieve irrigation by dripping water into the soil through the drip holes.

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  • Even irrigation
    The dripping holes on the Drip Tape are evenly distributed to ensure that each plant can get an appropriate amount of water, preventing some plants from taking too much water and causing waste, and also preventing some plants from drinking too much water. Lack of water can lead to poor growth.
  • Save water
    Drip Tape drips water directly to plant roots, reducing water waste and evaporation. Compared with traditional sprinkler irrigation systems, a lot of water can be saved.
  • Reduce soil erosion
    Drip Tape drips water directly into the soil around plant roots, reducing the impact of water flow on the soil and reducing the risk of soil erosion.
  • Flexibility
    Drip Tape can be adjusted as needed to suit different plant water needs and growth stages. The irrigation system can be customized according to crop requirements to provide optimal irrigation results.

Application Scope

  • Farmland irrigation
  • Orchard and vineyard irrigation
  • Vegetable and flower planting
  • Greenhouse and horticulture
  • Mountain and hilly areas
  • City greening


How to solve clogged drip irrigation holes?

Clean the Drip Tape regularly, using an acidic or alkaline solution. Filters can also be used to stop impurities from entering the Drip Tape.

How to deal with unstable pressure in drip irrigation belts?

Check the water supply source and water pump to ensure they are working properly; clean or replace the filter in the irrigation system to prevent blockage that affects the water flow;Check and adjust valves in the system to ensure stable water pressure.

How to solve the uneven dripping amount of drip irrigation tape?

Check whether the length of the Drip Tape and the spacing between drip holes are consistent, and adjust the flow control device on the Drip Tape to ensure that the amount of water in each drip hole is uniform.

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