Cylindrical Drip Pipe

Cylindrical Drip Pipe is an irrigation system used for farmland irrigation. It consists of a hose with an internal cylindrical drip hole. These drip holes are evenly distributed inside the pipe and can be adjusted as needed.

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  • Save water resources
    Cylindrical Drip Pipe can drip water directly to the roots of plants, reducing water waste and evaporation. Compared with traditional sprinkler irrigation systems, a lot of water can be saved.
  • Improve irrigation efficiency
    The drip holes are evenly distributed to ensure that each plant can get an appropriate amount of water, preventing some plants from absorbing too much water and causing waste, and also preventing some plants from absorbing too little water and causing poor growth.
  • Reduce soil erosion
    Cylindrical Drip Pipe drips water directly into the soil around plant roots, reducing the impact of water flow on the soil and reducing the risk of soil erosion.
  • Flexibility
    Drip irrigation pipes with built-in cylindrical drippers can be adjusted as needed to suit the water needs and growth stages of different plants. The irrigation system can be customized according to crop requirements to provide optimal irrigation results.

Application Scope

  • Farmland irrigation
  • Orchard and vineyard irrigation
  • Vegetable and flower planting
  • Efficient irrigation system


JS Drip Pipe
Cylindrical Drip Pipe12*0.615 500 
20 500 
30 500 
35 500 
12*0.815 500 
20 500 
30 500 
35 500 
12*1.015 500 
20 500 
30 500 
35 500 
16*0.615 500 
20 500 
30 500 
35 500 
16*0.815 500 
20 500 
30 500 
35 500 
16*1.015 500 
20 500 
30 500 
35 500 


How often should Cylindrical Drip Pipe be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the quality of the water supply and the clogging of the drip holes. Cleaning before and after each irrigation season is generally recommended, with periodic inspection and cleaning as needed.

How to improve durability?

Choose high-quality drip irrigation pipes to ensure their durability; regularly check the drip irrigation pipes and replace damaged parts in time to avoid further damage; perform appropriate maintenance as needed, such as cleaning, descaling, etc.

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