HDPE Saddle Clamp

HDPE Saddle Clamp is a clamp or clamp used to join HDPE pipes and is used to secure and connect additional equipment or pipe branches. It is designed like a clamp, where the clamping portion is shaped to fit the shape of the HDPE pipe. It usually has one or more holes for mounting additional equipment or connecting pipe branches, which can be connected by bolts or other fasteners.

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  • Good wear resistance
    HDPE material has strong wear resistance and can resist friction and wear. Hot melt PE pipe fittings can work stably for a long time in pipeline systems with high flow rates and high pressures.
  • Seismic performance
    Hot melt HDPE pipe fittings have good seismic resistance and can maintain the stability of the connection under external forces such as earthquakes. This is particularly important in earthquake-prone areas.
  • Adjustability
    Some HDPE Saddle Clamp designs have adjustable features that can be adjusted to the diameter and requirements of the pipe to ensure a tight fit and secure connection.
  • Good weather resistance
    It has good weather resistance and can maintain stable performance under different climate conditions. It resists the effects of environmental factors such as UV rays, cold and heat.

Application Scope

  • Oil pipeline system
  • Gas supply pipeline
  • water supply piping system
  • Construction sector pipes
  • Chemical piping system


What is the size range of HDPE Saddle Clamp?

HDPE Saddle Clamp size range varies by manufacturer and product model. Generally speaking, they can accommodate pipes of different diameters, ranging from a few millimeters to hundreds of millimeters. Jiashang provides products of various specifications for you to choose from.

Are there any installation precautions?

During installation, attention should be paid to the cleanliness and smoothness of the pipe surface. Prior to installation, ensure that the pipe surface is free of any dirt, corrosion or dents.

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