HDPE Reducer

HDPE Reducer usually consists of a large-diameter pipe connected to a small-diameter pipe, used to connect HDPE pipes of different sizes, and plays a role in pipe size transition and fluid flow regulation. It usually has a tapered or fan-shaped design such that the diameter of the pipe gradually decreases or increases.

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  • Good chemical stability
    HDPE Reducer has high resistance to most acids, alkalis and chemical substances and can be used for a long time in harsh chemical environments.
  • Strong connection
    HDPE Reducer can be installed by hot-melt jointing with HDPE pipes to form a strong connection and avoid the need for metal threads or welding.
  • Impact resistance
    HDPE Reducer has good impact resistance and can remain intact when impacted by external forces and is not easily broken or deformed, ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline system.
  • Good electrical insulation
    HDPE material is a good electrical insulation material that can effectively isolate current and reduce the risk of electrochemical corrosion.
  • Corrosion resistance
    HDPE material has excellent corrosion resistance, can resist the erosion of various chemical substances, and is not easily affected by corrosive media.
  • Adaptable
    It can be customized and processed as needed, and can adapt to different pipe sizes and connection needs, providing flexible solutions.

Application Scope

  • Water treatment system
  • Water supply pipeline
  • Industrial field
  • Mining field
  • Agricultural irrigation pipes


Can it be customized?

We offer prefabricated and customized services to suit different piping systems and application needs. Prefabricated and customized HDPE Reducer can improve installation efficiency and quality and meet specific engineering requirements.

How cost-effective is it?

Compared with traditional metal pipe connectors, PE pipe fittings have a lower cost, and the installation and maintenance costs are also relatively low. This makes it a cost-effective choice for many engineering projects.

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