HDPE Equal Tee

HDPE Equal Tee is a connector used in pipe systems. It is shaped like a T and the diameters of the three branch pipes are equal. It is usually connected using hot-melt technology, which is achieved by hot-melt connection of HDPE pipes and Tee.

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  • Light and easy to install
    HDPE Equal Tee is lighter and easier to transport and install than metal Tee. They usually use hot-melt connection technology and the installation process is simple and fast.
  • High strength and durability
    HDPE Equal Tee has high strength and durability and can withstand high pressure and impact. This enables them to operate stably for a long time in different application environments.
  • Zero leakage
    HDPE Equal Tee has good sealing performance and can effectively prevent leakage in pipeline systems. This is due to the hot-melt connection method of HDPE material, which ensures the sealing of the connection.
  • Cut costs
    Compared with metal pipe connectors, HDPE Equal Tee has a lower cost. Not only are the materials themselves less costly, but the installation and maintenance processes are relatively simple and economical, saving overall project costs.

Application Scope

  • Water supply piping system
  • Gas piping system
  • Chemical piping system
  • Oil pipeline system
  • Mine piping system


What is the size range of HDPE Equal Tee?

The size range of HDPE Equal Tee usually ranges from 20mm to 630mm, Jiashang provides products in all size ranges to meet your pipe connection needs.

What is the difference between HDPE Equal Tee and other types of Tee?

HDPE Equal Tee has more advantages than Tee made of other materials (such as metal). HDPE Equal Tee has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, light weight and easy installation, good fluid characteristics and impact resistance. In addition, HDPE Equal Tee is also more environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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